A little about Ver Sacrum Books

Bethalynne Bajema

Hello! And welcome to my writing blog! My name is Bethalynne and this is my little corner of the aetherweb where I get to share a story, spin a yarn, and tell a few tall tales. I can’t think of a time that I haven’t been writing. I find it very hard to keep my head out of the clouds and in my youth my big brother helped influence me to direct that hyper active imagination into my art and writing. Art has been my livelihood, while writing has always been my passion, though not to say I don’t adore them both. One facilitates the other. Both fuel my portfolio here.

For now, speaking of fiction — my writing is nearly purely fantasy based. I have a special appreciation for horror and dystopian literature, so there will be shades of that as well. I’m also a neo Victorian enthusiast who greatly appreciates alternative history, retro futurist themes, and anything that has to do with Chambers, Lovecraft, Vern, Bierce, and other novelists from that era. My greatest joy is pairing my art with my writing that has all those influences. Of course there are modern ones: Barker, Atwood, and King. Not to mention the visual stories. It’s the comic book influence. I like to tell people every piece of art I’ve created has a story behind it and then happily share that story.

I originally bought this domain to promote my latest novel Ver Sacrum, then decided why not use it for all my fiction? My best editor friend Maggie is helping me out and will have posts in the blog area from time to time concerning all things self publishing; something she’s been teaching me a lot about. Despite the name, this is not a publishing site and we do not take unsolicited written works. We are happy to swap links and things of that nature with other writers. Writers should promote one another.

Aside from my writing, I also offer myself as a cover artist for both ebooks and print books. I’ve done cover illustration for quite some time now and have a very large portfolio of work that is available for use. I currently design all my own book covers (unless noted otherwise) –which is great if you love them! Not so much in other instances. :p However, if you need a design you could do worse. My rates are quite flexible and fair. I don’t currently do swaps, i.e. cover work for traffic/promotion unless it’s a very special circumstance.

In closing, I’m happy you found your way to my site and I hope there is something here that you enjoy and keeps you coming back! And I’m sure I’ll add a bit more here once Maggie and I get all the final kinks ironed out of this site. It is still a bit new. ;)