Happy April!

Ver Sacrum Books - When Jupiter Sighs by Bethalynne Bajema

My my, where did March go? I think I spent most of it in a commission blur. A good commission blur thought brought about some really nice logo art I’m quite pleased with. That aside, I’ve added another title to the site. When Jupiter Sighs is my very first collection of short stories I published a few years back. The stories are all fantasy based and written when I was but a young pea out of the pod. There’s a lot of roaming around the dreamspace and a few strange creatures, you know, the usual. ;) In my effort to get this site more organized, you can kind everything you need to know about the book here, as well as read them here or download them for your ereaders. Now, I’m actually in Cincinnati at my gent’s work after a very fun Reds opening day. It’s time to pack up and go home!