Hello Friday!

A is for Auspicmoriscope and the Asphodel by Bethalynne Bajema

Howdy all! It’s been quite the busy week. Not like moving around and being active busy. More like sitting glued to my computer getting all my websites in line and updated. I’m also playing good little graphic designer and making all the signage, tee shirt and new website designs for a local steampunk convention. So, let’s just say I’m juggling a lot and my butt is hating chairs at this point, however I’m really excited about the convention stuff.

Sore bums aside, I’m pleased to say I finally updated my Smashwords profile. I uploaded my first ebook there, my penny dreadful A is for Auspicmoriscope and the Asphodel. It’s written through my Etta Diem character’s view point and it’s a pretty quick read. It deals with one of my major obsessions: Motifs of Harmful Sensation. These are those seemingly benign things that shouldn’t harm you and yet find a way. The cursed video tape, the evil eye, and so on. I absolutely love that stuff and I’ve been writing a whole fictional encyclopedia about them. Well, technically not all fiction. Some are my own creations while others are out there in the world, like the Hungarian Suicide Song. :)

On that note, this site demands my attention today. Links need updating, writing department names need to be better thought out, and all those wonderfully nit picky details that make a blog better.