Insect Taxidermy

Sepia Insects

“A strange thing we saw the day we crept into the old man’s room. All of the eerie taxidermy creatures had been removed from the shelves and the wall. Not one pair of mammal eyes watched us. In their place a glutton of smaller eyes, many of them fractured and alien to us.

“The walls were covered with insects given the taxidermist’s treatment. Their bodies were frozen in time and preserved; but beyond that decorated. The mystery of Nanna’s missing jewelry was revealed to us and solved in this vision. Chains and rings, the old woman’s gems and the guts of the woman’s old watches, all broken down and used to decorate the little insect bodies. The old man had made a shrine to the insect and its breed that had taken his wife’s life from him.

“The sting that had killed her was somehow perverted and beautified in equal measure within this overwhelming collection.” From Sepia.