Monday Shorts: Apples and Muses

Ver Sacrum Books - When Jupiter Sighs by Bethalynne Bajema When Jupiter Sighs Collection – Apples & Muses

“It was at all moments all things… the most beautiful of classical compositions and yet the angriest of screams set to chords. The thunder high above carrying the beat of a small child’s voice as she sang a nursery rhythm. All intertwining to create something that made the body’s emotions react. Only they were trying to express all emotions, all at once, and it threatened to overload my delicate and oh so fragile human nerves.”

Apples & Muses, a short story in which we take a moment to visit the dream and meet a muse who is building a musical beast of such a nature it ruffles the feathers of the Eumenides. Read the full story here. This book is available for free download or book purchase here.