Monday Shorts: Feathers, Flowers, and Death

Ver Sacrum Books - When Jupiter Sighs by Bethalynne Bajema When Jupiter Sighs Collection – Feathers, Flowers, and Death

“Stella beamed. ‘Quite a sight eh? I get a five finger discount at the local plant shop. No one says anything about it. I mean who’s going to chase a girl stealing seeds when you’ve got some guy selling crack in front of your store? The only problem is I can’t really pick and choose what I get.’ She looked around at the riotous array of colors. ‘I used to try and plant things with some sort of organization but finally I just gave up.’ – Stella reached into a bag she had been carrying, withdrawing a slim paper package. She used her teeth to tear the top of the package open and then flung the contents over the flowers and grass of the garden. ‘Let nature do with them what it wants right? That’s how it was meant to work.'”

Feathers, Flowers, and Death, a short story in which we meet Stella on her last day and her new friend who remains nameless throughout their brief interactions. Read the full story here. This book is available for free download or book purchase here.