Peppermint’s Mind Garden

Peppermints Mind Garden

Peppermint’s summers were long and full of green lawns and laughing friends, but she often longed for the moodiness of autumn to come back. To have those cool days where she could wrap herself in warm clothes and sit with a cup of warm cider as she read. Her surly little bat-cat, the one eared Hunter Bear, would lay at her feet and purr with the type of contentment only a feline seemed to know. She had performed this scene so many times through her young life that she had thoroughly worked her way through the old classics, the new classics, and all those scandalous Henry Miller and Anais Nin books her mother kept at the top of the tallest book shelf in the house. And then she met Clive. As a new autumn spread out before her and the smell of burning wood filled the night air, Peppermint let her mind garden grow in new and fascinating ways with the types of seeds only this author could plant there. (This is part of a Halloween series of short stories. You can see the full online feature/collection here.)