Riker Rouge, Chapter III

Ver Sacrum Books - Riker Rouge - Serial Fiction Chapter III, Sapling Sacrifices, The Magnus Certatio & Frangipani

“Frangipani smiled, bemused by being called out. ‘Oh it’s all a scripted drama Octavius. Be sure of that. However, this is my take on the drama that is about to play out. You see the Vitandi wants a great many things from you to make this event as grand as desired. They also want to offer you many things in return to bribe you into getting those things they want. You stand to make out very well in this arrangement. We are indeed looking back to the old days where such an event will help us add to our numbers and we’ll get that fresh blood I remarked upon. And yes everyone hopes this will help bring the Vitandi back into the spotlight and bully up our reputation again. We want our power and influence back. Your own reputation will become a thing of legend I would imagine. However, when all of this fluff and fodder is set aside, you’re not going to like the Vitandi’s true goal.'”

Chapter III, in which we meet a young woman in her last beautiful moments, Octavius is introduced to the Driad twins, and we learn a bit more about the obsessions of Octavius the First. Read the full chapter here. The first book is now available for free download or book purchase here.