Riker Rouge: Chapter V

Ver Sacrum Books - Riker Rouge - Serial Fiction Chapter V, Vitandi Objections, A Sleeping Dragon & The Beginning of a Race

“Frangipani sat at an enormously large desk. The desk had always been its own type of entity when she was a little girl. She could remember the first time her mother brought her into the Vitandi founder’s secret library and showed it to her. Her little girl mind could barely comprehend that something so beautiful and otherworldly had been crafted by one man’s hand out of wood.”

Chapter V, in which Octavius gets some friendly advice he doesn’t want to take; we learn a little bit more about the dragon that is Frangipani; and finally all the nonsense is stripped away and a race begins to be planned in earnest. Read the full chapter here. The first book is now available for free download or book purchase here.