Riker Rouge

Ver Sacrum Books - Riker Rouge - Serial Fiction

Riker Rouge is my serial fiction that allows me to put a variety of my favorite fictional things into a creative blender and see what comes from the blend. This story is a combination of alternative history, retro futurist ideals, the great race, and a healthy dose of H.P. Lovecraft and Robert W. Chambers influence coming together for the most twisted of scavenger hunts.

In the world of Riker Rouge there is reality, the dusk-lands, the secret places, and how each slowly blends into one another. The Vitandi, a secretive group of arcane researchers, want to bring back their beloved and cursed event the Magnus Certatio: A race of such massive proportions that not only is victory and wealth promised to the participants, but the enlightenment and freedom of the soul. One arcane collector, Octavius Obediah the Second, is asked to help plan the perfect race route to help the Vitandi to their ultimate goal… something many souls failed and died for two centuries ago. What comes from that invitation is a spiraling story of eccentric characters, dark events and adventure.

This serial fiction celebrates my love of secret societies, forbidden knowledge, and the desire to be that one person who maneuvers all of those Indiana Jones type traps and finds their ultimate revelation. It’s dark, strangely humorous, and a look into strange places and worlds. Chapters are lengthy and added every two weeks.