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Snapdragon Tea is a writing project of mine that follows the many unique characters and events that take place in an otherworldly town called Orange Moon Downs. Orange Moon Downs is the fairy tale home I escaped to as a child so of course it was filled with all those extraordinary things a child’s mind comes up with. In that sense I’ve never really grown up and have happily continued to use Orange Moon Dows as an escape when needed to this day.

The project includes illustrated shorts, stand alone short stories and a young adult serial fiction. Featured here is the monthly chapters for Snapdragon Tea and selected snippets and shorts from the Snapdragon Tea anthology. There is also information about The Orange Moon Tea Society Project that marries tea with tales.

Snapdragon Tea Serial

Chapter I, Introductions– In which we meet young Emily, who has lost one family and is about to meet her new family at great aunt Emma’s boarding house. Questions of where the selkies went, why Minerva Mox is so grumpy and are fairies real are raised. Read chapter online here.
Chapter II, The Stars and Lightning Bugs – In which Emily learns the tale of Mab and Pearl, what the Urban Fairy Rescue League is, and did Saturn really wink at her. Read chapter online here.

Short Stories and Snippets

  • The Crinkle Society: He told the table around him: “We here are so old that there are no longer any slick names for us. Where once we were lush of skin and soft features, now we are dried out paper molds of our former selves. Our skin no longer glides over our bones like finally oiled leather. Our skin now crinkles like the stiffest of starched crinolines. These days we are the Crinkle Society: Long in the tooth and powered by dried blood.” From Punchnersissky Punch

  • The Right Tool: Somewhere in the thickest of the flying flutter of cut paper, Leelu was continuing to build her dynasty of paper. There were red circles around the places the elaborately worked scissor handles had come to bite into the skin of her fingers. The sweat off her skin seemed to feed the insect like shapes at the tops of the snipping sheers. Her eyes were set upon nothing but the paper in her hand and the instrument that was cutting it into something new. Like energy, her mind raged, once created, never destroyed, just changed, and changed, and changed. The paper was energy the scissors were telling her, and they needed to change, to forever be changing. Even the fierce collection of paper-cuts dotting her skin and the long thin lines of drying blood could not raise her attention from her duties. Read More From Paper Doll Wars