Snapdragon Tea, Chapter I

Ver Sacrum Books - Snapdragon Tea - The Orange Moon Tea Society Chapter I, Introductions

“Finally a sign pointed towards the house in the distance and labeled it as: Hathor Boarding House. Beneath the big letters, in small print it read: Prospective tenants please note: Must bring with you joy and your favorite tea. Our occupants (dead and living) like stories. Our brownies like honey. Our bees like to whisper. And our remaining Jack o’ the bowl will see your room right if you leave him a bowl of cream at the end of the night. Beware of Quantum’erks.”

Snapdragon Tea, Chapter I, In which we meet young Emily, who has lost one family and is about to meet her new family at great aunt Emma’s boarding house. Questions of where the selkies went, why Minerva Mox is so grumpy and are fairies real are raised. Read the full chapter here. More about this serial fiction here.