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Below are all of my published bits! Bits being the thoughtful and fantastical wordy word things I offer to the world. You can click on a title to read more about it and take in a sample or two. I’m currently offering much of my fiction free online through Smashwords and my site. Right now I would honestly prefer knowing someone is enjoying my writing more than making a buck off of it. An author has to start somewhere and I guess you could say this artist who is also an author is going the grassroots route.

When available I offer options to purchase the touchy-feely version of a story that is a traditional book to help support my site. To keep things as simple as possible, links to all stories related to a title can be found on its book page below. If you like my work all I ask of you is to tell a friend, link this site, or just link a story.

I hope this site will grow and see more people walking through that aether door and coping a squat to hear a tale. Please know that you can find most things here listed below, however, I have a site map here that outlines everything that is on this site. What else can I say? I have a lot of head-in-the-clouds to give. I hope you make this site a regular visit!

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