Ver Sacrum Books - Industrial - Dystopian Anthology SYNOPSIS: Industrial is a dystopian anthology featuring six interweaving stories told in a non linear fashion. Each story is a picture into a not too distant future as our technology brings our lives to such great extremes and opens up the planet, while at the same time seeing an encroaching isolation that comes from living through the computer. This anthology was written in 1998 and there are quite a few things I wrote about then that are common place now. The first printing of this title is currently sold out. I’ll be adding it to my ebooks shortly (takes time to format!) You can read more about this anthology as well as story synopsis. Below are chapter samples. This book is currently sold out, but I hope to offer it again soon and get it formatted for ebooks.

My cover artwork for this anthology is by incredible photographer John Santerineross, who was a very wonderful friend and influence in my life while these stories were being written. I had the pleasure of offering fiction to his first two coffee table books Fruit of the Secret God and DREAM that featured these photographs.