Industrial: Automatic Flower

Automatic Flower is the fourth story in the Industrial Anthology. This is a chapter sample and the second editing so you might encounter a typo or two.

Ver Sacrum Books - Industrial - Dystopian AnthologyWilliam briefly thought of his first wife. He still had picture of her on his desk from a vacation taken many years ago. She was already in her late thirties but she didn’t look a day past twenty-five. She didn’t even look as though she’d had one son who’d lived and one son who’d died. She was beautiful, trapped in such beauty as though it were a net cast across her whole being.

He looked over at the photo a moment. His wife’s beautiful dark eyes looked back at him, taunting him from that distant place she’d left him for. In the corner of her framed image was a smaller image. It was the only real photo he had of Saravoe —she’d sent it to him in a regular mail letter once. She looked young, perhaps in her late teens in the photo. Her eyes were also dark. They found him as well, but didn’t seem to carry the crippling weight the stare his wife’s captured eyes did.

On impulse he reached over and turned the picture over so neither stare was looking back at him. He went about finishing up his work for the day so he could get home sooner. A few hours passed and he imagined what was taking place with Saravoe till he couldn’t stand being in the office any longer. He opted to leave early, figuring no one would say too much considering it was somewhat of a special circumstance. It was only as he was sitting on the freeway on the way home that he thought he should have called his son and told him. The thought came and went without importance as he cursed the heavy traffic.

Industrial: Automatic Flower is copyright 2002 Bethalynne Bajema. All Rights Reserved
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