Riker Rouge

Ver Sacrum Books - Riker Rouge - Serial Fiction SYNOPSIS: In the world of Riker Rouge there is reality, the dusk-lands, the secret places, and how each slowly blends into one another. The Vitandi, a secretive group of arcane researchers, want to bring back their beloved and cursed event the Magnus Certatio: A race of such massive proportions that not only is victory and wealth promised to the participants, but the enlightenment and freedom of the soul. One arcane collector, Octavius Obediah the Second, is asked to help plan the perfect race route to help the Vitandi to their ultimate goal… something many souls failed and died for two centuries ago. What comes from that invitation is a spiraling story of eccentric characters, dark events and adventure. You can read a longer description for this serial fiction here.

You can currently download the ebook version of the prologue and the first five chapters for free in a variety of different formats at Smashwords in our Ver Sacrum bi-monthly story sampler. You can also read the chapters online below. If you’d like to help support this site and remember the old time goodness of a real book, you can buy the VS sampler in print here.

Ver Sacrum Books - Riker Rouge - Serial Fiction