The Black Ibis

Ver Sacrum Books - The Black Ibis Book I The Secret London SYNOPSIS: The Black Ibis is a graphic novel told in nine books. Each book takes you a little deeper into a dark fairy tale that is based upon my own love of the idea that there exists a secret world beneath this world. This idea that sometimes a door is not just a mundane door, but an entrance to someplace we reserve for our dreams. The story at its heart is a simple one: It revolves around one sister trying to find her twin who has become lost. She must follow the same path her sister has set out on, going a little farther into this underground world of dark cabarets and strange theaters as she attempts to catch up to her, who is falling faster down this path in her desire to finally find a mythical performer known as the Black Ibis. The story is fantastical and absurd at times, illustrated in my particular style and filled with my legion of wonky characters and enigmatic performers.

This title is currently unavailable. It had a large launch that became stalled when I became ill (sadly due to a stint battling the mouse flu turned pneumonia) and couldn’t publish the remaining books in monthly order. So I’ve decided to let it rest for a bit and publish again when I can give it the attention deserving it. Posted here are a few page previews. I do have two companion tarot decks I created for the story. They’re available as actual decks and you can learn more by clicking on either of the two deck links below. :)

Attic Cartomancy - The Sepia Stains Tarot Deck

Attic Cartomancy -The Black Ibis Tarot