Ver Sacrum

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SYNOPSIS: Once there was a time where all places and all entities were open to one another. One only need know how to call out to the Ease and ask it to open a doorway. In those days entities of other realms walked the earth and were mankind’s fairies, monsters, and gods; these were the other-kind. Then, in a blink of an eye, the Ease was gone and those doorways were closed, locking away the other-kind and their magic. Mankind watched their gods fall silent and slowly what was once mankind’s true histories became little more than its mythologies.

Now, in the modern era where most old magic has lost its power and mankind learns to rely on its own magic, those few refugees of other-kind strive to go unseen in this world. At least until there is a small whisper letting the world know the Ease has been reborn.

Mankind stands on the cusp of a new dawn where old gods will return and the other-worldly darkness and the light are slowly creeping back in through long forgotten doorways. It will fall upon a chosen few to either welcome in this new era of see it put down before it ever has a chance to begin.

This title is currently being finished and edited. Below are a few chapter samples and next to them full short stories from the companion anthology. This novel will be available in the fall.