When Jupiter Sighs

When Jupiter Sighs Collection – When Jupiter Sighs – Fantasy

Ver Sacrum Books - When Jupiter Sighs by Bethalynne BajemaThe woman looked dark and feral; like a long lost creature who acted as a guardian to a dead history that any one of us should have tried to remember, or at the very least made up.

She wore flowers and skulls within her headdress and her eyes were a pale shade of nothingness. All of her emotion was kept tight in the movement of her lips. Because of this, it was hard to place a proper understanding on what and who she was.

No one here would stand against her. All that was ‘we’ stepped to the side and allowed her to walk in. There was a very stark silence as she moved among us. I personally, could think of no words.

Her blanched eyes looked towards us before moving skywards. Her lips began to move as she whispered what we could only consider a curse in a language long since forgotten from our world. She spoke to a celestial body so far away many of us couldn’t even claim to understand its influence.

“When your false worlds find themselves at a pause, at a sigh, my planet Yuggoth is there to whisper to us all that the universe has forgotten. After all those dark whisperings I hear my own celestial being making suggestions while I sleep. They come to one place and I understand my being and where I am in this life. A world of porous creatures you could never understand…”

I felt so small, so insignificant as I moved towards her. I fell down to my knees and felt an overwhelming sense of emotions overcoming me. I just wanted one creature to understand, whether it actually understood or not. I reached towards her and gave into my fears.

“I waited so long to say this… to admit this… I understand. I have for so long listened to the night sky and only Jupiter’s voice found me. So aggressive was his language that it has exhausted me. I waited for that one moment where I could lift my eyes from the sky… to look away. It took a moment when Jupiter sighed to break free of his language I cannot understand. It brings me to this point with you. Where I am happy to let go and maybe… just maybe… go back to as normal a life as I can hope for.”

My words stopped there. I dared not look up in my fear. Had I saw what was taking place I would have seen a sympathetic set of eyes, ears, and an understanding.

I felt the presence of someone near me as I cowered. A hand that so lovingly touched me and felt my issues as they plagued me. This hand touched my hair and stroked my cheek. It spoke to me directly, silently, and gave me the response I needed.

“So listen to a few of the small tales I have to tell and we will let you go. When the great giant truly sighs, you will be free of this…”

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