When Saturn Yawns

When Saturn Yawns - A Collection of Short Stories by Bethalynne Bajema  
SYNOPSIS: A forgotten goddesses who has found a home in the middle of a sunflower patch. Stepping through a doorway that leads to the hidden city behind the city. Talking clouds and flying fish. These are a few of the tales you’ll find in this collection about the fantastical. When Saturn Yawns is my second collection of short stories mostly written in the early 2000s.

This is an unpublished collection of short stories that I started to pull together as I slowly move through all my saved fiction. The stories are all in the same vein as When Jupiter Sighs; sort of dreamy, air fairy, and come from that place high up above where my head firmly sits in the clouds. I’ll be adding short stories from the collection as my good editor friend Maggie edits them.

  • When Saturn Yawns (2000)
    • Sunflowers
    • Two Taurus
    • The Life and Death of Fig Rype
    • The Taurean